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What they don´t tell you about summer…

It’s hard not to associate the summer with outdoor activities, family holidays, lots of sun, long walks and an occasional sporting event where we get involved in the debate as if we were battling for the gold medal in the Olympics.

Fun is the order of the day as are high temperatures and of course tired legs, exhaustion, injuries, contractures, muscle fatigue and muscle ache, among many other situations that can possibly ruin the remains of the summer.

We do not usually give it any thought, as when people return from vacation, they do not stop talking about what a great time they had, how much fun it was and how badly they want to return. But it’s also what they don´t tell you about the summer. These stories go untold as nobody wants to go on about the negative side of summer, but it does exist and if we would have known about it before traveling, surely we would have prepared for it.

So what is it that they don´t tell you about summer?

What they don´t tell you about the summer is that most of those who traveled to visit large cities, the beach, the countryside or the mountains for the summer  intend to carry out a series of physical activities (walking a lot with luggage, practice certain types of sport, many hours standing, etc.) for which we might not have prepared properly, and therefore, generally these adventures in unfamiliar terrain, could provoke muscle exhaustion, tired legs, stiffness or contractures and injuries.

What we can tell you about having a great summer.

It would make no sense to write about what they don’t tell you about summer if we did not have something very good to tell you, something which will solve all these little problems and will make for an unforgettable holiday.

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