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Detox in 3 steps

Through detoxing you purify your body from pollutants and at the same time you give it what it needs to function properly. Detoxing is popular. There are more and more detox programs to choose from which you can follow at home by yourself or under guidance. Detoxing is often much less severe than the traditional […]

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4 Ingredients for a more energetic you

Whether it’s business, family, the kids, or stresses from other tidbits in our daily life, we’re all living hectic lives. To keep on moving forward we need energy, and in this article we are talking about 4 ingredients for a more energetic you. The best ways to get it? Through a healthy diet and a […]

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Do you know your comfort zone?

When we think about comfort, generally the images which come to mind associated are accommodation, good taste, tranquility, politeness, relaxation and comfort in its maximum expression, but…our comfort zone is something else, a self imposed mental state , to which we accustomed ourselves for a long time, habits which we do not change, things we […]

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Slowing Down Cellular Ageing Part 2. NADH, the key to extended youth.

As discussed in Part 1. of this post on how to slow down ageing, the impairment of cellular functions critical to sustaining energy leads to the tiredness and lack of motivation that we tend to experience as part of the “normal process” of growing old. But is fatigue something we just need to put up with as […]

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Slowing Down Cellular Ageing. Part 1. The Mitochondria.

Reading about cellular ageing (Mitochondria) can sound a bit doom and gloom. It seems we’re destined to age by means of an inbuilt “ageing programme” that runs throughout our lives a bit like a piece of software that predisposes us to developing various diseases of ageing as we accumulate birthdays and our cells become “tired”. […]

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