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5 products to consider for a return to school without complications

Yes, it is possible to take care of children’s health naturally, preventing and treating if necessary. In Vitae we have a unique line exclusively dedicated to digestive, nutritional, immune, oral and cognitive health of children. Here we explain how you can improve the care of each of these areas and, thus, avoid future problems (especially now with the return to school)

Digestive health

During the summer we usually change our diet and habits in general, so it is normal that when we return to our normal routine we find it difficult to catch up again and we may suffer from some other discomfort. This is especially noticeable with the smallest of the family since during the summer it is possible that they have suffered occasional otitis (ears more exposed to water), gastroenteritis (changes in eating habits or more time outdoors and, for therefore, in contact with bacteria and germs) or pharyngitis (constant temperature changes).

Remember, the intestine is our first line of defence, and that children’s intestine is not fully formed until they are 6 years of age, so we must pay special attention.

What happens?

Well, very simple, in the case of otitis and pharyngitis the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic, so the child’s microbiota will be altered and the same will happen with gastroenteritis. That is, in all three cases, directly or indirectly, their bacterial flora will need to be repopulated.

If we do not properly repopulate your native microbiota, there may be gastrointestinal imbalances which can be very annoying, especially when being in school.

How to repopulate the microbiota?

The answer is quick and direct: with a probiotic. Specifically, ours, Vitadigest Kids, is composed of three bacterial strains present in the human intestine (Lactobacillus gasseri, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Bifidobacterium longum) that will help repopulate beneficial intestinal flora.

If you want to go deeper into the topic and discover its mechanism of action, read the article we published in May on ‘’ Different questions about probiotics and the digestive system ’’

Immune health

As we said in the previous section, maintaining good digestive health is the first step to take care of our immune system and that of children.

At certain times of the year, for example in summer, the immune system of the little ones may be weakened. This can happen because children are more relaxed, sleep more hours and vitamin D directly affects their body. When this happens, much of its energy is focused on the musculoskeletal system, so it is normal for your immune system to be affected by the lack of vitamins such as D and minerals.

If we do not want this drop in defences when going back to school, we should prevent and not wait for an external sign that indicates that the immune system is weakened.

How to regulate the immune system naturally?

Through food supplements we can regulate the defence system effectively and naturally. In this way, we will avoid that having starting school we receive the dreaded call at 11 in the morning.

ImmunoVita Kids is an immunomodulator made from yeast betaglucans. It increases the defenses when they are low and decreases them when they are high (reducing allergy symptoms, for example).

There are different types of betaglucans, specifically those of yeast, they have a faster response and treat all types of infections (also bacterial).

If you want to know more about betaglucans, take a look at the article ‘What are betaglucans and how can they help you”

Nutritional health

Summer represents a somewhat chaotic time in terms of food, travel, schedule changes and changes in eating routines. It is possible that during this time of the year the necessary nutrients for the organism are not consumed, so at the beginning of school we can reinforce the diet of children with more fruit and vegetables than usual and / or with a natural multivitamin.

The multivitamin

Vibracell is a concentrated natural multivitamin with more than 40 natural ingredients that complements the diet, provides energy and improves physical and mental performance.

Oral health

It is very important that we teach the little ones to take care of their oral health. During childhood, various problems caused by orthodontics and mouth ulcers can occur as a result of being in contact with pathogens and putting their hands in their mouth.

Buco Vitae is an emulsion for the treatment of mouth ulcers and small abrasions, based on sea buckthorn oil (Hippophae rhamnoides) and hyaluronic acid, which forms a protective film helping to regenerate the affected area.

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