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What products do our Vitae girls recommend? They have the key to everything

As today is International Women’s Day, we wanted to pay tribute to them writing this article with recommendations from our Vitae girls about Vitae products. The problem? That, in Vitae, the vast majority are women, more specifically 63% of our staff is female, which made it impossible to include them all in the article, so we have chosen three candidates and promise that another day more will follow!

Xenia Casado, graphic design (and mega talented)

Our beloved Xenia, or ” Xen Xen ” as we call her affectionately in the office, is a master of graphic design, always paying attention to the little details, perfectionist and with exquisite taste. We asked which her favorite Vitae product is but he has not been able to answer us with certainty. She said that ”depending on the time of year and needs” she takes one product or the other. As you already know, the Vitae team is a fervent consumer of many products of the brand, we are a little addicted, I would say. Returning to the subject, Xenia has confessed that right now her essential product is ImmunoVita.  She is going through a phase in which she constantly catches a cold and is not leaving her. In addition, with the unexpected arrival of good weather, she started to suffer from allergies. Solution? ImmunoVita®, a classic that never fails.  This product is formulated based on yeast beta-glucans and we can classify it as an immunomodulator. We talked about this in another article on our blog; beta-glucans are nutrients that form the cell wall of yeast, fungi, bacteria and some grains such as oats or barley. They increase the immune system of the organism against invading pathogens, or in other words, they help to prevent colds and flu, for example. The key to ImmunoVita® is: Recover faster and avoid relapses!

Hulya Gray, international department (double of Cate Blanchett)

Our most elegant woman with the air of a Hollywood actress, we could say that she is one of the biggest ”fans” of Vitae. She has tried almost every product (if not all) and, if you ask her, she always knows which one to recommend. Right now, her favorite product is Chlorella Plus. As you know, ideally you should start a detox in spring and autumn; these are ideal moments in which the body is more receptive. Chlorella Plus, is a food supplement based on a freshwater microalgae called chlorella pyrenoidosa. It is also enriched with zinc, which contributes to the maintenance of hair, nails and skin. This wonderful algae has a powerful detoxifying capacity and contains a large amount of micronutrients eliminating toxins which worsen our state of health. There are many studies and articles on the wonders of this amazing algae. Hulya, particularly, likes it because after a good batch of Chlorella Plus, her skin, hair and nails look prettier and stronger. In addition, it ”clears” the mind and brings more energy. Oh! One last secret of this product! It helps to regulate you in an excellent way.

Adriana Pedrico, communication (myself)

Well, I have decided to include myself in the article because I always write about others and never have an opportunity to give my opinion. So I’ve given myself this little homage. Let’s see, there are many Vitae products that I like and that work very well, but if I had to choose, I would say Buco Vitae. Yes, indeed. Although this product it is not as attractive as a VitaDigest with enzymes (probiotics), Buco Vitae gives incredible results. Buco Vitae is an emulsion based on sea buckthorn oil, rich in palmitoleic, oleic and linoleic acids and hyaluronic acid. Why do I use it? Well, since I have a big reason for its use suffering from mouth ulcers and until I started using Buco Vitae, nothing fixed the problem. I do not know how it works so well but when I get a mouth ulcer, I apply it and the next morning it has practically disappeared.  It also serves for scratches from braces and burns. An authentic wonder, really. Some time ago I wanted to write about this product and I had not found the moment, so here you have it!

As I said at the start of the article, we will continue with the recommendations section by the Vitae girls.

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