How to get rid of a dry and productive cough

What is a cough? And how to stop it naturally

Cough is a defence mechanism of our body against external agents that obstruct our respiratory system, as explained by Eli Molné, one of the members of our technical department. This acts as an ally of our immune system, alleviating the respiratory tract of dust or other foreign particles and expelling them from the body by expelling air from the lungs. Finally, defence mechanism is divided into three phases: inspiration, compression and expulsion.

Why does it appear?

Cough can appear due to multiple causes, such as inflammation, environmental factors, smoking, sudden changes in temperature, anxiety, nervousness, etc.

In the case of inflammation, the respiratory tract swell, making it difficult to pass the air. In addition, cough can also cause pain. Inflammation is typical with cold, flu, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, lung cancer or fibrosis, among others.

Environmental factors (dust, mites …) cause cough that, in many cases, is the symptom of an allergy or extra exposure to areas with high pollution.

Finally, smoking, both active and passive, favours the appearance of it that can even become chronic.

Types of cough

It can be productive or unproductive. Eli Molné explains that unproductive cough, also known as dry cough, refers to that cough that has no mucus, that is, that there is no mucus or phlegm production. In this case, the cough is triggered by irritation and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract caused by an external agent (viruses, bacteria, irritants …).

On the other hand, the productive cough, produces secretion by the mucosa of the epithelium of the respiratory tract.

It is common for bacterial infections to cause productive and often purulent cough, while cough caused by allergic reactions and asthma doesn’t.

Natural remedy

Vitae Health Innovation has just launched a dry and productive cough syrup that has a protective function (anti-inflammatory and antiseptic), as well as expectorant and cough suppressant. Some of its active ingredients also have immunomodulatory properties.

The ingredients of Vitatuss, have multiple traditionally known applications:

  • Sea buckthorn, a spiny bush, the oil of which protects, softens and forms a film on the mucous membranes of the throat. Because of its mucilage content, it has antitussive action, in addition to contributing and supporting the immune system.
  • Elderberry, a plant with expectorant, anti-inflammatory and antitussive properties that is traditionally used for the treatment and prevention of cold symptoms.
  • Thyme, it is a type of bush that is popularly used both as a food condiment and for its medicinal properties, among which its expectorant, antitussive and antiseptic action stands out. It has a very pleasant soothing effect on the throat, pharynx and vocal cords. It also facilitates expectoration in case of productive cough, contributes to the strengthening of the body’s immune system and acts as a soothing for the throat and chest.
  • Malva, a plant with local anti-inflammatory and antitussive action due to its mucilage content. It has a very pleasant soothing effect on the throat, pharynx and vocal cords. It acts as a soothing in case of dry cough and relieves irritation of the throat and pharynx.
  • Althaea, which, like Malva, is a plant with antitussive action due to its mucilage content. It has a calming effect and brings a pleasant sensation in the throat, pharynx and vocal cords. It also provides relief in case of tingling in the throat and pharynx.
  • Agave, has many benefits as a soothing dry and irritating cough thanks to the formation of a soothing film (a mechanism similar to honey).

Last but not least, Vitatuss is gluten and lactose free, vegan and is for the whole family (from 3 years old).

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  2. How do I order this remedy?

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