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Why should we look deeper into the homeostasis concept?

Many of you might have heard about the homeostasis concept, but for a large majority it might sound like Chinese. However, this concept is of vital importance when we talk about health and well-being, since it plays a big role in the processes of our body achieving equilibrium. Homeostasis Aleix Pellejero our technical department colleague […]

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Women with a positive outlook on life live healthier and longer

A study published last November warned of the importance of a positive view of life in women and that, a negative view of life, pessimism was bad, very bad for the heart. And what was even worse, if possible, is that optimism did not seem to have any positive effect on the risk of cardiovascular […]

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Organic vegetable garden, the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle

For some time now we can hardly trust that what we buy is 100% healthy. The reason is that increasingly, our foods are full of chemicals that alter the food removing nutrients. Therefore, many already have joined the trend of having an organic vegetable garden in their own house to achieve a healthy lifestyle Nowadays […]

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