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Organic vegetable garden, the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle

For some time now we can hardly trust that what we buy is 100% healthy. The reason is that increasingly, our foods are full of chemicals that alter the food removing nutrients. Therefore, many already have joined the trend of having an organic vegetable garden in their own house to achieve a healthy lifestyle

Nowadays organic vegetable gardens can be grown in small spaces or areas in your garden, balconies, terraces and even in the kitchen, where vegetables are grown without the intervention of pesticides or chemicals to accelerate growth. You can even use your own organic waste as compost to stimulate and fertilizer the soil.

Why start an organic vegetable garden?

The answer is simple, organic vegetables gardens contribute to an improvement in nutrition in an accessible and healthy lifestyle, free of toxins. On the other hand, sustainability is stimulated, through environmental education, proper management of organic waste and agro ecology, as this affects the improvement of environmental quality and quality of life.

Keys to starting your own organic vegetable garden

Organic vegetables are simple to grow: First, find a space where you will have your pots or raised vegetable boxes or even a vertical garden on your balcony is possible. Fill the pots/beds with organic soil and manure and place the seeds or plants in there.

Ideal to start with these easy to grow and fast growing plants:

  • Cherry Tomato: grows throughout spring and summer, with sun will grow more and get more fruit.
  • Peppermint: needs a sunny location and continuous watering in hot weather.
  • Oregano: requires sun and need not be watered very often.
  • Basil: It is aromatic annual herb. It cannot stand the cold also good to grow indoors.
  • Romero: needs to be in a place with abundant sun and requires frequent watering.
  • Parsley: grows quickly and should avoid the midday sun.
  • Chives: supports fine frost although it is preferable to keep it in full sun.

Growing your own vegetables and herbs is a great way to get the required vitamins and minerals in our diet. As well as using natural supplements like we have like Oliovita (sea buckthorn)

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