VITAE attended the VIII SEPyP Workshop in Santiago de Compostela

On 23rd  and 24th of February 2017 the annual Congress of SEPyP (Spanish society of probiotics and prebiotics) to which VITAE belongs took place in the Faculty of Medicine of Santiago de Compostela.

The inauguration was led by the Rector, Juan Viaño, the Conselleiro de Sanidad, Jesus Vázquez, the Conselleira do Mar, Rosa Quintana and the Councilor for Social Policies of the City Council of Santiago de Compostela, Concepción Fernández.

During the two days, different Spanish and foreign experts presented the latest advances in the field of probiotics and prebiotics. Recent research reveals very positive and promising data on the use of these bacteria in cases of immunological and inflammatory pathologies, such as allergies, obesity, diabetes and celiac disease.

Thanks to this company VITAE was able to present Vitadigest ® one per day, Vitadigest ® with digestive enzymes and Kid’s Vitadigest ® to the different Spanish pharmaceutical colleges.

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