NADH, serine, CoQ10… How can these ingredients help you to be less stressed and anxious?

Stress and anxiety deplete the adrenal glands and stops the production of some neurotransmitters. Apart from this physiological consequence, stress and anxiety can negatively impact our well-being and our overall health, since they can unbalance different areas of our life. We spoke with Maria José Segundo, biologist, Vitae medical visitor and one of the creators of one of our most special and emblematic products, Reconnect.

What is Reconnect?

Reconnect is a food supplement that was formulated together with the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Barcelona. It is an exclusive formula that contains four ingredients.

  • NADH: derivative of vitamin B3, is an endogenous ingredient and therefore our cells contain it. Of course, many animal and plant cells contain NADH as well but what happens is that, due to the process of cooking and storing food, NADH gets lost because of its instability. NADH is also a precursor of some neurotransmitters for the memory and mood. Finally, it helps regulate the circadian rhythm, causing us to be more active during the day and to be able to rest better at night.
  • Coenzyme Q10: it is also an endogenous ingredient (which our cells contain) that can be found on cells that have more metabolism activity and energy, such as neuronal cells, which are the ones containing the highest amount of CoQ10. The problem is that with age the natural production of this ingredient is lost, specifically after the age of 30. It is related to the energy metabolism of the cell, that is, the production of energy.
  • Serine: it is an amino acid that is found in many foods and favors the maintenance of memory and neuronal connection.
  • Vitamin C: a water-soluble vitamin that we can find in fruits and vegetables and is highly antioxidant.

What is its mechanism of action? How does it work?

Reconnect has great benefits in terms of stress and anxiety management because it works by improving mitochondrial metabolism, that is, improving the energy production of the cell so that it works better. When the mitochondria, which is the energy production factory, works better, it is also able to fight free radicals more efficiently. With this, we are avoiding cellular aging.

When we are stressed, we produce more free radicals that damage the entire structure of the cell and, therefore, age faster.

In clinical trials, it was found that, within two months, the amount of oxidation of the cell membrane had been reduced. The problem does not appear when there is a specific stress but when it is maintained over time, since the body’s resources to combat it are exhausted.

What will we notice when starting to take ReConnect?

First of all, it should be emphasized that the product does not contain stimulants and, therefore, we won’t notice a ” peak ” of energy since the energy is produced at the cellular level. What we will surely notice is, improvements in tiredness and fatigue reaching the end of the day less tired, better concentration and more focus and the disappearance of the mental fog.

Finally, as we mentioned, we will also notice a strong improvement in the circadian rhythm.

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