Discover the secrets of Reconnect and why it is one of our most special products

Discover the secrets of Reconnect and why it is one of our most special products

The secrets of ReConnect: In this blog, we have talked countless times about stress and the importance of managing it correctly and keeping it at “under control”. As we have already mentioned in previous articles, being stressed shouldn’t be common, but being calm and relaxed should. The problem comes when we are not even aware that we are suffering from stress and it becomes chronic over time, which can lead to symptoms as diverse as anxiety, fatigue, tiredness, difficulty reaching the end of the day, insomnia, etc.

To properly manage it, together with therapy, exercise, supplements etc. the important point is to find the origin and cause of stress, what is stressing us out. The second thing is to treat it in a comprehensive and holistic way, that is, day and night, tackling the root of the problem.

For example, if we suffer from insomnia due to stress at work, first of all we should detect where it comes from and secondly manage anxiety in the workplace, change lifestyle habits related to diet, physical exercise, among other. All this can be complemented with psychological or coaching therapy and / or natural supplements that help us achieve our goal.

In Vitae we work carefully to provide innovative and effective solutions to our consumers. Today, we will talk about Reconnect, wonderful and complex at the same time, with many properties, directly and indirectly related to stress.

We have spoken with María José Segundo, a biologist working in Vitae Health Innovation for more than 15 years, who has participated in the formulation, development and clinical trials of this iconic product.

– What is Reconnect?

ReConnect is a food supplement with natural ingredients that helps us improve our mood, gives us energy and helps us managing stress.

– How did Vitae come with the idea of ​​creating this product?

The idea came with the enthusiasm and the desire to evolve and innovate that characterizes Vitae. It has been a few years since we started promoting Vitanadh, a product based on NADH, which continues in our product portfolio, and with which we had very good results in people with low energy and athletes. We wanted to go further and make a modern version of Vitanadh, keeping in mind the actual lifestyle and its requirements. That is why, in collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Barcelona, ​​we developed this new formula based on NADH, Coenzyme Q 10, serine and vitamin C.

– According to its composition, Reconnect® has multiple health benefits. Tell me a bit more about them.

The benefits of ReConnect come from the synergy of its ingredients. On one hand, NADH together with Coenzyme Q 10 provides us with energy, NADH together with serine helps us to improve our cognitive performance and together with vitamin C, increases its antioxidant capacity and helps us to maintain normal psychological function.

Discover the secrets of Reconnect and why it is one of our most special products

Based on what I’ve just explained, we can perfectly say that ReConnect improves learning capacity, concentration, memory and makes it a very suitable supplement to help managing stress.

– When you mention ReConnect is perfect for stress management, what do you exactly mean? How is it possible to get us to the end of the day with energy?

ReConnect acts globally in our body as it helps in different key aspects for stress management. On one hand, it reduces physical and mental fatigue, on the other it helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle and last but not least, it improves the ability to solve problems and therefore the ability to think clearly. Also, as we have seen it also improves mood and reduces anxiety.

– You also mentioned that ReConnect has a strong antioxidant effect. What is the impact on our body?

The fact that ReConnect is a powerful antioxidant means that it helps protect us from free radicals, which promote aging and damage our cells. For example, NADH has more antioxidant power than vitamin A, C, and E combined. There are three studies we have carried out at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital, that confirm that those who take ReConnect for two months have less cellular oxidation, that is, their cells age slower.

– Can Reconnect be combined with other products and thus achieve a more holistic treatment of stress and anxiety?

Yes, of course. ReConnect can be combined with other energy and vitamin supplements such as Vibracell, which provides tones of nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables but it can also be combined with Calmtu Night to improve sleep quality, a food supplement based on relaxing plants, magnesium and melatonin, which help to reconcile sleep and improve its quality. You could even combine it with CalmTu, a product based on just three plants to have a complete approach to the nervous system.

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