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Detox in 3 steps

Through detoxing you purify your body from pollutants and at the same time you give it what it needs to function properly. Detoxing is popular. There are more and more detox programs to choose from which you can follow at home by yourself or under guidance. Detoxing is often much less severe than the traditional rigorous fasting. The art is to follow your own path when it comes to your body. What suits you? What feels good? Not only your body will thank you for a (juice) detox, it also helps clearing you on a mental level.

Prepare yourself well and don´t be too hard on yourself, this way it benefits you the most. By detoxing you’re cleaning out the pollutants and at the same time you give your body what it needs to function properly. By asking yourself some questions, you can discover which method of detox suits you best:

  1. Do you wonder whether you have a good diet and if you lead a (too) busy and stressful life?
  2. Do you eat healthy and have no specific physical symptoms, but you want to give yourself an energy boost?
  3. Would you love to lose a few kilos but are otherwise healthy?
  4. Do you have long suffered from physical and psychological symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, headaches, flu-like symptoms?

If you answered Questions 1 and / or 4 with ‘yes’, it is wise to opt for personal guidance for your detox adventure; in the other cases this is not necessarily required. Get advice from a natural dietician, natural doctor, a regular doctor who knows about dietetics or an ayurvedic physician or therapist. Good rule of thumb: He, who understands his profession, listens carefully to what you tell them about your body and your eating habits.

If you can do it yourself, start with the following three steps to your detox.

  1. Phasing

You eat less and gradually replace products which tax your system with foods that are good for you. So for example: no alcohol, sugar (and everything that contains added sugar), fast food, crisps, red meat, white bread, dairy products and soft drinks. Add herbal tea, fruit, fresh vegetables, fish, chicken, nuts, seeds and grains in moderation.

  1. Main Detox Course
  • You drink only fresh vegetable and fruit juices, water and herbal teas;
  • You eat twice a day liquid meal, think of good juices of fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies based on coconut or almond milk and vegetable (e.g. courgette, broccoli or tomato soup). Nothing beats homemade, because then you know exactly what’s in it, and according to detox guidelines (no soups with cream …). And once a day you eat simply, that is not too heavy. Think dishes like beet salad, couscous with grilled vegetables, buckwheat pancakes or fish from the oven with vegetables;
  • Follow a customized eating plan that’s tailored for you.
  1. You begin to eat again and carefully start adding more things

At first for instance, add dairy such as cottage cheese, then grilled chicken or fish, easily digestible food and only after a few days re-introduce coffee or heavier foods like red meat. This is also the perfect time to find out how you react to the substances introduced. Do you feel better without coffee or sugar? You can of course leave them out in the future.

The benefits of doing detox for your body:

  • You feel more energetic and lighter
  • Your immune system becomes stronger
  • Not only does your body get cleansed, even your mind becomes clearer and calmer
  • Your whole system gets a reset.

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