The benefits of these 3 herbs (almost miraculous)

To enjoy good health and quality of life it is important that we learn to listen to our body, what it tells us and how it speaks to us. A very common problem among a large part of the population has to do with bad digestion, flatulence, bloating, etc. You will have heard over and over again that it is important to chew well, to breathe properly, to try not to consume too much fat or prefabricated foods etc. But if we are no longer in time and have some gastrointestinal problem stalking us (or we are prone to suffer them) we can use natural remedies to help us regulate these discomforts.

Green anise

Traditionally it has been used to combat flatulence, since it stops the production of gases and at the same time facilitates their expulsion. It is also a good ally for heavy and long digestions.

How to prepare it

As an infusion or directly with its seeds in boiling water (one tablespoon per cup of water).


Containing menthol, which naturally helps to relax intestinal spasms which helps reduce gut pain.

We can add it to our food, drinks or also delicious as an infusion.


Has anti bacterial properties, which helps to slow intestinal fermentations (which is why the gases are produced) and therefore, is a great ally to prevent flatulence. It also reduces menstrual cramps and abdominal spasms.

We can drink it as infusion.

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