5 basic questions answered by the paediatrician for a school routine without complications

Dr. Julia Fernandez, specialist paediatrician at the Las Rozas Health Center / El Abajón, has answered in 5 questions the basic things to consider for a healthy school routine. Of all that she has told us, I am left with the importance of taking care of the digestive system of children, since it is their first line of defence. If the intestinal flora is not in good condition, the immune system will go down and therefore we will be more exposed to receive the ’dreaded call at 11 in the morning’ (parents already know what I am talking about).

  1. Let’s start with something basic, when returning from vacation and starting school again, do visits increase at your practice? If so, could you specify which are the most frequent problems?

Indeed, starting school activities significantly increases the number of consultations. In most cases, the reasons for consultation are mostly for respiratory and digestive-gastroenteritis pathologies. There are also many cases of viruses, which combines both processes.

  1. Let’s talk about the digestive health of our little ones. They say that a healthy intestinal flora directly influences our immune system. How can we take care of children’s digestive health?

I always insist on the importance of a varied diet that includes, above all, fruit and vegetables. I also recommend taking probiotics for one week per month throughout the school period as a preventive measure.

  1. Continuing with the immune system, during certain times of the year this may be lower than usual; I understand that this can occur because children are in a period of growth, in times of stress, infectious episodes or simply as a result of the time of year. Is there any way to prevent these episodes?

In times of greater risk I recommend taking immunity-oriented vitamins, such as betaglucans associated with vitamins of group B and D, if necessary continuously. Including probiotic intake for one week per month.

  1. What is your opinion on yeast betaglucans? Do they really prevent and treat?

According to what has already been said, I consider it a great preventative measure, especially for oral and digestive pathologies.

  1. Finally, nutritional health is also another pillar to take into account, especially during the school routine. What points do you consider important to highlight in this area?

Apart from eating a healthy and varied diet, also provide food supplements, as we have said, during times of greatest need.

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