Why should we use sunscreen 365 days a year?

The real anti-aging secret is called sunscreen. When the hot months begin, going to the beach and pool, we include sunscreen on our shopping list. That is very good, because if we expose ourselves to the sun directly it is essential to protect ourselves, but what happens during the rest of the hours that we are not at the beach or the pool? And what about the rest of the year?

Let’s think for a moment how many times a day the sun’s rays penetrate into our skin; When we wait for the bus, when we walk, when we sit on that wonderful terrace to chat with our friends … there are endless situations in which we are not aware but we are exposing ourselves directly to the sun, and above all, to its harmful effects.

Between 80% and 90% of photo-aging is due to the damage that sunlight causes to the skin. This happens as the UVA rays penetrate the fibre of our dermis, causing the skin to lose elasticity and the dreaded wrinkles, pigment spots and flaccidity appear.

The sun has some health benefits too; the most important one is that it provides us with vitamin D, which is very necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Today there is a lack of this vitamin in society because we spend long hours in offices and use sun protection. There are food supplements with vitamin D that can help us solve this problem while protecting ourselves from the sun.

But even if it has great health benefits, we must not forget that it is also responsible for aging of the skin, wrinkles, pigments spots, etc.

“The sun is one of the responsible for aging of the skin”, asians, have years of advantage on us when it comes to skin care, always, always use sunscreen, whether it is sunny or not. Nowadays there is sunscreen for all skin types, with or without colour and with an infinity of textures. So surely there are some which convince us.

“Using sunscreen every day is the best anti-aging treatment”, like everything in this life, if we get used to putting sunscreen on before leaving home, in a while we will make it a habit and will be part of our beauty routine.

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