Who is behind Vitae? - Arnau Vilas

Who is behind Vitae? Arnau Vilas

Arnau Vilas is a Vitae member of our technical department and researcher of food technology. Shy but forceful, he has strong ideas. One of those that don’t like the spotlight, but when he speaks everyone listens. Meticulous, rigorous and intelligent in appearance.

  1. Favourite colour

My favourite colour is blue. It is a colour that, without being aware of it, has been taking over me day by day. Many of the things I have are blue. It is a colour that calms me down and helps me think clearly.

  1. Your music and song

I like all types of music, the more rhythmic it is, the more I like it. Two of my favourite groups are The Cat Empire and Lucky Chops. Both of them are very rhythmic groups, the first combining an endless number of different types of music in their trajectory and the second being only instrumental. I don’t have a specific favourite song, I guess it keeps changing but for now it is “The Rythm”, by the band The Cat Empire.

  1. What do you do when you wake up

I have my own morning ritual. First thing is to have a shower, which helps me wake up. Afterwards it is mandatory to have breakfast. I can’t leave home without having breakfast. Fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal are my three favourite foods. Coffee is essential as well. I usually have breakfast watching the news. I like to stick to the morning plan, a one-hour plan from when I get up until I leave home. I just skip it on weekends.

  1. What do you do before bed

I usually watch some episodes of my favourite series before going bed. When in bed, I read couple of pages before sleeping. I can’t sleep right after watching TV. I like to read in original language while I can. I love historical novels. Now I’m reading Jean M. Auel’s “The Clan of the Cave Bear,” a novel based on prehistory.

  1. What do you do to relax

There are three things that relax me: sports, music and reading. During afternoons, I do some sports and music. I love saxophone and piano. I like to listen to my favourite songs and try to play them. As for sports, soccer is the one that really helps me to disconnect, although I like any type of sport and the feeling of tiredness and disconnection when practicing it.

  1. What are you passionate about

I am passionate about two things: climbing and food technology. Climbing is a sport that really relaxes me and I am really passionate about it. It is a sport that is focused on self-improvement, but at the same time is very social. Climbing can take you to unique places surrounded by nature and for me this is an indescribable feeling. The passion for climbing comes from the combination of friends, nature and sport in a single activity.

Food technology has been my passion since I started university. I am passionate about learning about any type of technological process that a food product may undergo for transformation. I have the feeling that the more I know, the smaller my circle of knowledge becomes within the vastness of this field.

  1. What is it for you to take care of yourself

Taking care of myself is taking care of my footprint on the planet. Taking care of myself is feeling good about myself and my environment. For almost a year now I have been following a vegetarian diet mainly due to the low environmental impact when compared to an omnivorous diet. Derivatively, my psychological and physical health improved. I have never felt better than now. Simple thought: what benefits the planet benefits me. I also try to avoid single-use plastic whenever possible, although it is a huge challenge.

  1. What is your favourite Vitae product and why

My favourite product is like my favourite song, it changes!!

If you had asked me the same question a year ago I would have answered Oliovita. Sea buckthorn oil is a very interesting product since it provides us with an omega-7 that is very scarce in the vegetable kingdom and the extraction method (food technology) is completely natural.

However, for less than a year now my favourite product has been VitaDigest with digestive enzymes. Probably because it is the product that saved me. Imagine having digestive problems and they start a week before you go on a trip you’ve been planning for half a year. Taking this product every day helped me and in less than a week I was already recovered.

We will see which is my favourite product next month!!

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