helena rutllant

Who is behind the scenes? Helena Rutllant

Helena Rutllant

Helena is our oncology Line representative and a medical specialist in nutrition (Clínica Corachan de Barcelona). Difficult to describe with words, she transmits authenticity, transparency and love. She makes people, who are lucky enough to enjoy her company, feel loved, protected and safe. Very human and always with a smile on her face, a 10 out of 10 from head to toe.

Favourite color

Blue. I can look at it for hours the blue sea, the blue sky, the ice of a glacier… Blue eyes, mystery, sweetness …

To wear I like black, white … in fact I have no forbidden color to wear, it depends on the occasion.

Your music and song

If I could only choose one song, I might have one of Glenn Miller known in Spain as “En forma” or “In a good mood“.

In general I like all music from funky, jazz, to classical…

Barbra Streisand makes me vibrate, Enya, Sade, the Adagio of Albinoni, the Canon of Pachelbel … .I could mention many more!

What do you do when you wake up

Smile … I greet Nikka my dog and go straight to prepare breakfast. My favorite food, from which I get my energy to be able to face all that presents itself during the day. I like to eat healthy, spelt  or kamut bread, vegetable milk, fresh fruit, nuts, fresh sheep or goat cheese, tahín and green tea or coffee (which is my vice).

What do you do before going to sleep

All sorts of things … (hahaha) I normally try to sort the day, I need to do this before going to bed without any pending issues. I learned from a patient who told me he slept like a baby, not to worry about things at the end of the day, he said: ”if you have unresolved issues and have a solution, lie down and tomorrow you will solve them and if you do not have a solution, sleep because you cannot solve them”.

What dou you do to relax

Going for a walk with Nikka, whether on the beach or in the mountains, animals convey a lot of peace, especially dogs. I dream of being able to have a house surrounded by forest, with a garden full of flowers and dogs.

One thing I cannot stand is mistreatment in general, but that of animals in particular surpasses me. I consider myself tremendously peaceful until I see that someone is mistreating an animal.

 What is your passion

My daughter, sounds typical, sometimes I compare her with a highbred, full of energy, vitality, untamable, a fighter and faithful to her ideals and friends. I learn with and from her, she still has an unbiased world view and I love it.

In general, I am passionate about life, people, my work … I would say that I put passion in everything I do, even when I cook. I love that people around me feel loved and special. I do not care if they are my family, friends or patients. I never skimp on saying I love you, thank you or how important you are to me, when it comes from the heart.

What does looking after yourself mean to you

The concept of caring is very broad. Taking care can mean from not attacking, respecting, dedicating that minimum time daily, eating healthy, supplementing…. Summarizing, looking for one’s own health. I advocate taking care of myself as a first step to being healthy.

For me supplementation is an important issue, I have been a consumer for many years of Vitae products, without knowing that over time It would be part of my environment.

Taking care of yourself is not forgetting that you are there, trying to be well psychically because if you feel well you will be able to solve each and every one of the vicissitudes that life presents you.

We have to be able to enjoy every day things that make us happy, each person has different needs, concerns, but the advice is to enjoy every little thing that gives us something positive, many of these little things have a really important weight.


Healthy soul in healthy body.

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