Recovery cream muscles and joints

We have a new product, and you will love it!

Our musculoskeletal range is expanding!

We have incorporated a recovery massage cream to the family that, in addition to helping you enjoy a wonderful massage, relieves muscle and joint pain.

It is called FlexiVita Cream, and its unique combination of ingredients relieves the sensation of pain, recovers and keeps muscles and joints in good condition. In addition, it has a fantastic smell and texture, not sticky and is very easily absorbed.

Formulated with magnesium, coenzyme Q10, glycosaminoglycans, silicon, incense, arnica and harpagofito.

With analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant effect.

  • Helps delay muscle fatigue and promotes muscle recovery
  • Prevents and treats mild muscle contractures and joint discomfort
  • Helps treat minor bruises
  • Relieves pain and inflammation

Ideal for sports practitioners (helps recover after training), older people with muscle or joint pain or in case of minor bruises or contractures (bad posture, accumulated tension, bumps etc.).

Finally, note that it is an ideal complement to our already known FlexiVita Pro. A food supplement based on glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, bamboo, turmeric, black pepper extract, manganese and zinc, which helps maintain the muscles, bones and joints in good condition.

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