Healthy tanning

Healthy tanning (with quality)

When we talk about a quality tan, we do not mean just to get a beautiful skin tone, but to achieve it in a healthy way and without any risk to our skin (healthy tanning). We must bear in mind that genetics has a fundamental role at the time of tanning, that is, depending on the type of skin we have, it will be more or less sensitive and, at the same time, it will require more or less time to obtain the desired tan.


It is the most important point to take into account when exposing our skin to sunlight. Always always always use sunscreen. It does not matter if you have never burn or have strong skin, protection is essential because the skin also burns inside. Using photo protectors will make us get a nice tan, without burns, redness or any other type of unnecessary damage. The important thing is to find the one that best suits our needs and skin type. You must apply the protection half an hour before sunbathing and repeat it every 2 hours or immediately after leaving the water or have perspired a lot.

Finally, remember that the sun protection factor indicates the time we can spend in the sun before applying the sunscreen again.


Exfoliate the skin the day before going to the beach or pool this is essential if we want to achieve a uniform tan as well as a long lasting one. This is due to the fact that by exfoliating the skin we are eliminating the dead cells that obstruct and make the skin is not so bright, hydrated and uniform.

Be careful with time

You have to avoid the strongest and hottest hours of the day (between 12 am and 4 pm), so as not to receive the maximum action of the solar rays and thus, be able to enjoy the sun.

It is also important to avoid quick tanning. It is better to dedicate short sessions of sunbathing so your tan will last longer.

Beneficial foods

Food can help to preserve a healthy skin tone without stains that gives us a good tan. We can achieve this by consuming food rich in antioxidants such as those containing vitamin A (tomato, carrot, mango, papaya, pumpkin, peach …), vitamin C, to obtain the best effects for beautiful skin (citrus), vitamin E, with properties healing (soy, avocado, olive oil …) and omega 3 fatty acids, for maximum protection and hydration (nuts, wheat germ …).


It is very important to stay hydrated, inside and out, so do not forget to go soaking and drinking water on a regular basis. A hydrated and better quality skin will always look prettier and brighter, so the basis of everything is always to keep the skin healthy.

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