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Food that we should consume if we want to show off photoshop quality skin

Showing a healthy, beautiful and luminous skin has been an inescapable sign of beauty and health for years, so finding the formula fora dermis with an exceptional quality, has been one of the beauty obsessions since ancient times. The cosmetics market is constantly developing more sophisticated products, which promise to do a thousand wonders and give us a photoshop quality skin. However, often we forget the simplest and basic things which are as important, like cleansing and hydrating the skin. Without these two things it does not matter which treatments we use, as it will not give the desired effect and our quality skin will still not have a healthy aspect. Korean women know it well and put a lot of emphasis on these two steps on a daily basis and without exception, and here in the West we are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of cleansing and hydrating our skin aswell.

The importance of consuming fatty acids

Surely you have heard about the importance of introducing omega 3 and 6 fatty acids into our diets, on more than one occasion, because of their multiple benefits for our health, especially the brain.

Although the word ” fatty ” related to food may seem something negative, the truth is that we need foods containing fatty acids to maintain optimal health. The difference lies in the type and quality of the fats we consume. The problem is that our body is not able to produce some of the necessary fats, as is the case of fatty acids, so obtaining them depends solely on our diet.

Fatty acids and skin

The essential fatty acids keep our skin hydrated and protected. One of them which contain more properties and benefits for our dermis is omega 7; it is proven that it increases cellular protection and integrity and helps to regenerate, hydrate and protect our skin, acting from the inside out.

It also exerts an antioxidant and stabilizing effect on the cellular membranes of the skin and mucous membranes, and is present to a large extent in the different layers of the skin and mucous membranes of our body. Among its many functions, its inflammatory, antioxidant and nutritive activity stands out.

Where to find it

There are foods very rich in omega 7 acids, such as, sea buckthorn oil, which has numerous studies that prove that it diminishes and improves skin and mucous membrane affections, in addition to keeping them in good condition.

Another of the most potent sources of this fatty acid is seafood, macadamia nuts, cheddar cheese, eggs and fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel, among many others.

So now you know, if you would like to show off a radiant skin, also eat food rich in fatty acids.

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