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Do you know your comfort zone?

When we think about comfort, generally the images which come to mind associated are accommodation, good taste, tranquility, politeness, relaxation and comfort in its maximum expression, but…our comfort zone is something else, a self imposed mental state , to which we accustomed ourselves for a long time, habits which we do not change, things we do on a daily basis without getting out of the same old routine, the way we eat, the way we dress, places we visit, to who we relate, it is all a chain of events orquestrated  by our brain under linear control aimed to maintain the sensation of security.

How to find out if our comfort zone is in balance with our health?

The importance to get to know our comfort zone is given by the fact that in general we construct a wall of rigid structure which prevents us to dream and move to act differently which allows us to become healthier each day and achieve goals to prove that we have broken those mental barriers and demand every day to demonstrate our potential.

When we look at our lives, we feel unhappy or feel we could have done more either with our body, or weight or that we are not comfortable enough to always follow the same path and dare not to do something else. We are waking up and our intuition says… “Step out of your comfort zone, there is more out there in the world”.

Why should we step out of our comfort zone?

We often hear life coaches, psychologists and motivators talk about stepping out of your comfort zone, but in reality they are telling us to change our habits to a healthier lifestyle, to obtain realistic goals this will improve your self-esteem and can help you improve to express the best version of your life, what you wish for and desire. Activate yourself and dare to do new things.

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