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10 essentials for your summer holiday

We have spoken with our pharmaceutical educator Maria José García who told us which essentials we should be taking on our summer holiday.

You have to think, what problems we can encounter when travelling from minor headaches, digestive imbalances, to sun and skin issues etc.

Let us begin!


Essential at this time of year, as radiation penetrates more strongly. Depending on your destination you will have to pay special attention to photo- sun protection.

I would take SPF + 50 as it will help us extend the sun exposure time. The number tells us how long we can be exposed before renewing the sunscreen.

OlioVita Protect

A food supplement that will help us complete the action of our photo-protector, taking care of and protecting the skin from within. It will help us tan more uniform and longer lasting, as well as avoiding possible sunburn. Of course, always use it complementary to sun cream. If we supplement with a product of these characteristics, in principle, we will not need after sun, killing two birds with one stone.

For very fair skin and first sun exposure or travelling to destinations where radiation penetrates a lot, I recommend taking two capsules a day, instead of one.

Mosquito and insect repellent

For prevention. This way we avoid possible bites and other mishaps.

Calming or antihistamine cream

In case we get bitten. It is necessary to be careful and to choose a cream that is not photosensitive, as many are and could provoke pigment spots, so on one hand we cure the bite but on the other it could provoke photosensitivity, so be very careful with sun exposure when using antihistamine cream.


When we travel, just the change of our routine, food, etc. can provoke changes in our intestines, resulting in possible diarrhoea or constipation.

To prevent these inconveniences, it is best to take a probiotic to help us keep our intestines happy.

On exotic travels, it is recommended that the week before we go we start preparing the intestines with probiotics.


If for whatever reason we could not prevent it from happening, we are going to need a product that helps to stop it.


Always good to bring as you never know when you get up with a headache or general discomfort.


Important if you tend to get dizzy and depending on the type of transport you will be using during your trip. There are natural or chemical anti-kinetics.


In case you suffer from food allergy or some reaction to a sting. You have to be careful with the sun, better avoide taking it during the day when possible.

First aid kit

Classics, such as plasters, antiseptics, etc.

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