The unknown and magical properties of garlic and why we should venerate it

The unknown and magical properties of garlic and why we should venerate it

Some of the types of food is so integrated in our day to day but perhaps we do not value adequately and the valuable benefits they have for health are being ignored. One of them is garlic, a small vegetable with very powerful properties that are long forgotten, perhaps because of its association with popular medicine and the superstition to which it has been linked for years (ancient civilizations used it to scare off the demons) or maybe because of its strong smell and all that this entails. IN this article we want to know you the properties and benefits of garlic and why is so important to add in our diet.

Garlic is considered a medicinal food and there are many studies and investigations that support it away from the realm of folklore to which other ingredients belong. Garlic is one of those things to bear in mind.

The main benefits of garlic

 As we said, garlic has many beneficial properties for our body, but there are seven that take the leading role:

  • Helps to fight infections by viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. It is a potent antibiotic.
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Improves defenses
  • Helps maintain normal tension and cholesterol 
  • Improves blood sugar levels
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves the health of the liver.

So why is this ingredient not an essential part of our diet?

Surely the issue that most concerns people who want to consume or who already consume garlic is the fact that it produces a bad odor and it repeats. Years ago, Wakunaga Pharmaceutical in Japan manufactured what they call “sociable odorless garlic” or what is the same as garlic that thanks to its aging process does not produce odor or repeat.

This garlic, also known as ”aged garlic”, comes from organic farming (without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides) and is aged for a period of up to 20 months, increasing its beneficial properties and eliminating odor and irritating components.

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