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Stress and anxiety: the importance of recognizing our feelings

We can define anxiety as the level of activation we need to meet a challenge or whatever happens in our lives. It is a normal response that allows us to face the day to day and get what we want. The problem arises when this level of activation is too high, it is then when it ceases to be something adaptive and becomes something negative.

How do I know if my activation level is too high?

Psychologist Toni Mateo tells us that the easiest way to detect if we are too “activated” is to listen to ourselves. ” People start to feel things, but it does usually not go further than that. ” Phrases such as ” I feel don´t feel well ”, ” I’m dizzy ”, ” although I get enough sleep, I still feel tired ” or ” lately I just do the minimum, ” are common in people who are suffering stress or anxiety but are not aware of it or do not give it the necessary importance.

”The activation level is what you need to achieve your goals. But if you’re too activated, you might be hurting yourself”

So what do I do?

If you’re feeling ” unusual ” ask yourself why and start detecting the signals. “In the end we all know more or less what we are worried about, otherwise we do not want to realize it and do not want to dedicate ourselves to looking for a solution or it simply scares us to face it. “Summarized, we should be sincere with ourselves in order to be able to solve that discomfort.

To live with stress is not advisable and much less to fix it only with medication or superficial solutions. “Which does not fix anything, it removes the symptoms temporarily, but later it is more than likely to return and make it worse,” says Toni.

To really combat stress and anxiety you have to dedicate time, work on identifying what we consider a threat, build resources to face it and thus, focus our life from a new perspective.

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