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Qualities and Use of Green Tea (Part II)

Although from the antiquity to about the sixth century green tea was consumed primarily as a remedy for kidney problems, headaches, ulcers and bad digestion, today – with accuracy – green tea is known for the properties that make this drink a very important natural remedy.

To care for and develop the mind

  • It is stimulating. It has energizing properties, as it has caffeine and helps concentration and mental work.
  • It helps the good memory and could be very beneficial for memory and spatial location. The compound responsible for these qualities is contained as epigallocatechin galate.

To maintain oral health

  • Prevents cavities. According to studies done in Asia, regular green tea consumers have fewer problems with their dentures than those who do not. The latest research talks about that in addition, it is good for teeth and gums in general.

To take care of the skin

  • Combats skin problems.It is also very beneficial to treat different diseases of the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and aseptic power. Diseases such as rosacea, acne or psoriasis are greatly favored by treating them with the healing properties of green tea. Also, by its regenerating power of the skin, green tea is also very good for reducing stretch marks.
  • Helps to minimize dark circles. This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties. The external use is very broad: it also serves to dye hair, relieve sunburn, etc.
  • Removes and prevents stretch marks. EGCG catechins are able to stimulate skin cells to differentiate and proliferate. In addition, they can accelerate the healing process of wounds and prevent the formation of scars (stretch marks).

To lose weight

  • It helps you lose weight. It is firmly believed that can be very effective. In fact, research has determined that green tea reduces fat accumulation in the liver and is a good thermogenesis agent; This means you can use green tea to burn fat. It is also proven to block the absorption of carbohydrates.

Treats fatty liver and other conditions of the digestive system. Green tea is a great help for the proper functioning of the liver because it can help fight the fat that accumulates in it and is very good ally of digestion. Polyphenols are the ones that would help digest food better.

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