power of natural light

Open your windows and let in the power of natural light.

We all, at some point, have entered a house or  a dark and dreary place, and immediately felt that something is missing, if you spend much time there, it can change our energy and feels depressed, if at any time you felt so, it possibly demonstrated the lack of natural light. Here we tell you a little more about this vital energy source and the real power of natural light

When is the best time to be exposed to natural light?

During the morning is the best time to take the first rays of sunlight, open the windows of the house so that the power of natural light can invade the place and you feel that there is a change, the day starts off right.

Positive aspects of natural light

  • Our eyes can better capture the variety of colors when we are in contact with the natural light.
  • It helps with the disappearance of the physiological jaundice in newborn babies, a condition in which the baby’s skin turns yellow, this can disappear if you put the baby to the first rays of sunlight for at least 10 minutes, either outdoors or opening the window of its room, always taking care to avoid excessive exposure to heat.
  • This electromagnetic spectrum allows plants and animals to adequately fulfill their life cycles and regenerate every day.
  • It is a necessary source for cells and the biochemical processes that take place within them.
  • For those who like to meditate, natural light is a source of vital energy, and through meditation you make contact with nature absorbing the power of natural light and good vibes of the nature that surrounds you, channeling that source energy to nourish your body and mind.

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