Vitae at The Neural Therapy Congress

Vitae at The Neural Therapy Congress

Last weekend Vitae participated at The Neural Therapy Congress held at the Residencia de Investigadores del Carrer Hospital in Barcelona.

About 100 congressmen attended, doctors and dentists, as well as students from the first year of the Master’s Degree in Neural Therapy, which takes two years.

Amongst the organizing committee and as professors of the master were Doctors David Viñas, Rosa Mafia Claret Arimany and María José Roca Tugas, all doctors who habitually prescribe Vitae products.

We had a stand in which we mainly offered ReConnect and Buco Vitae information, as well as specific samples of these two products. We also informed about the range of products like OlioVita, Vitadigest and Immunovita.

It should be noted that a large number of assistants came from other communities (Valencia, Aragon Madrid) as well as from other countries (Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, among others).

The presentations, emphasized a focus on the conclusions obtained in different observational studies carried out by doctors who practice this type of therapy, aimed to obtain scientific evidence. A very interesting fact was that the laboratories allowed us time for a presentation, both of the product and the laboratory. This facilitated that many participants came to the stand to request more information about ReConnect and Buco Vitae.


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