080 Barcelona

Vitae at Barcelona Fashion Week

On June 25th Vitae was sponsor of the after party of the swimwear brand, Guillermina Baeza, which this year opened the well-known 080 Barcelona Fashion Week catwalk.

The event began with the show “Like a fish in water”, the amazing swimwear brand that stands out for its exclusive pieces made in an artisanal way. Then the acclaimed designer Guillermina Baeza presented her new collection inspired by art and sports focused on women. According to her own words, the woman Guillermina Baeza lives art and sports actively because they make her feel free.

All this took place in an exceptional environment, in the Club Patí Vela Barcelona, ​​by the sea and the wonderful city in the background.

The party, which was held in the same place was a great success. Many familiar faces, exchanging conversation and good vibes, all this accompanied by a wonderful catering.

Here are some photos of the event.

080 Barcelona 080 Barcelona 080 Barcelona 080 Barcelona

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