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How to care for your sensitive skin during the summer months

Having extremely sensitive skin can sometimes be a nightmare. Those who ”suffer” from it will know what I’m talking about; a minimum change can unbalanced it and cause redness or peeling, either because of food, not having slept enough hours, not properly hydrated or just because.

This type of skin must be treated with great care and delicacy, especially during the winter and summer months, which is when temperatures are most extreme.

In summer we have to deal with the appreciated but at the same time feared sun. As you know this star has wonderful health properties, because among other things it provides vitamin D (very necessary for the proper functioning of the body), plus a doses of positive energy. That’s why it’s good to spend time in the sun, but yes, always, always with moderation, protection and conscience.

  1. The myth that the sun is good for the skin

Surely you have also heard that the sun is good for the skin, not only because the tan adds a ”cool ” touch and a healthy image, but because it helps control acne and remove pimples and small scars. Nothing is further from reality. You may initially believe this effect, but after a while the so-called rebound effect appears, which basically consists in that when we stop sunbathing the attacked skin rebels and more pimples appear, imperfections, dehydration, lack of radiance, etc. ”A good photo protector is the best antiaging remedy ”

On the other hand, tanning is nothing more than a response of our body to the aggression that the sun’s rays cause to our dermis. If you pay attention, you will see that most Asian women, especially Japanese and Korean, have great skin, smooth, bright and without imperfections. That is because they have a total awareness of the importance of a every morning and night cleansing routine and, above all, protecting themselves every day without exception from the sun. During the summer months it is very common to see them with hats and large sunglasses to ensure good protection.

  1. How to protect ourselves adequately

As we said, sensitive skin has to take special care during the summer months in order to avoid burns, redness, rashes, pigment spots, etc. It is important to remember that the skin has cellular memory, so every attack that it has suffered will have consequences in the future. ” You have to remember that the skin has a cellular memory ”

It is essential to use sunscreen every time we go out and, above all and very importantly, to reapply it every so often, that is, before going to the office we will put on sunscreen and before leaving too. It’s simple, every time we expose ourselves to the sun we have to protect our skin.

It is also good to use sunglasses to protect the skin of the eyelids and under the eyes, which is the thinnest and most delicate part of the face.

And obviously, if we go to the beach or the pool we have to take extra care and reapply sun protection every so often, in addition to every time we enter and leave the water.

  1. 24h extra protection

Finally, if we want total protection, there are nutritional supplements, such as OlioVita Protect, which helps protect our skin from the inside, that is, it protects us from those rays which penetrate at deeper level and which for a topical photo protector is more complicated to cover.

Of course, you always have to combine it with sunscreen, since we do not have to forget about the outer layers of the skin. The truth is that it is a great option to protect skin more sensitive or allergic to the sun, and also provides extra hydration and luminosity thanks to the sea buckthorn oil.

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