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The eternally tired society

Today we are going to discuss one of the most written and talked about topics: the importance of sleeping well (and the consequences of not doing so). Media call this situation “The eternally tired society”. At this point you should know that its important to sleep at least eight hours, not to drink stimulating drinks, watch what you eat and try to do some relaxing activities before going to bed…

We are overly stimulated and stressed

The problem is that the society in which we live is leading us more and more towards an ultra-stressful universe in which we are over stimulated and in which we do not have time for anything, especially in large cities. The day should have more hours, right? How many times have we said this? Every time more trends are emerging that reject this lifestyle in which we have been immersed and which has made us forget to take care of our interior, to know ourselves, to enjoy and talk with our loved ones and, simply, live.

The situation has reached a limit as for the vast majority of people it is virtually impossible to get eight hours of sleep and we end up with six or seven hours at best. This can give us the false sensation of taking more advantage of the day, only hurts us physically and emotionally, since the fact of not being able to benefit from a good night’s sleep can have more serious consequences for our health.

The importance of knowing what happens inside us

One of the drawbacks that we are currently facing is that, having become used to so much frenzy, we do not know how to detect when we are tired and we need a good restful sleep. It is very difficult to know if we are stressed, tired or just need a little time for ourselves.

Without going any further, the other day I felt very overwhelmed without knowing why; I would say that saturated was the exact word. It was difficult for me to think clearly, to engage in conversations as I usually do, and I felt saddened. As the days went by (during which my rhythm did not decrease), these symptoms got worse until I got to the point of not recognizing myself when speaking. Okay, you’ll think that maybe this is a little exaggerated, right? Well, it’s real and what happened to me had a solution as easy as sleeping well, taking it easy and taking time to pamper and take care of myself

How can we achieve this in the time we live?

I guess the key is to become aware of all this we have discussed and start to have respect for our body (and ourselves). I think it is important that we know how to set limits and standards to try to live with the maximum possible welfare. In my case, for example, I have forced myself to sleep a minimum of eight hours a day, even at the risk of reducing my social life. Before my health and mental well-being.

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