comofrt cream in summer time

What they don’t tell you when you go travelling…

In the summer we do not stop, we go from one place to another wanting to make the most of it and enjoying it to the fullest. It´s quite normal that at the end of the day you end up with tired legs.

Have you ever suffered from tired legs? Did you know that even more people suffer from it during the summer?

Heat causes the veins to dilate and causes poor upward circulation of blood; this is when we perceive heaviness in the legs, together with cramps, pain, swelling etc. (a syndrome of which up to 80% of adults are suffering).

When standing or sitting in the same position for a long time, taking certain medication or a diet with excess sodium can be some of the causes of the appearance of heaviness in the legs.

The solution, as always, it is better than to prevent than to cure, we suggest to have a good diet and exercise regularly to not suffer from this unpleasant sensation.  Even so, if you are prone to tired legs, we advise you to always have a massage cream at hand for a quick recovery massage. In this case, Comfort Cream, will become your best ally thanks to its natural ingredients it is perfect for a great recovery massage.


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