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Who is behind the scenes?

Mari Carmen Sánchez, one of our medical visitors from Madrid. She is one of the first persons of the team that Vitae started in Madrid. A multifaceted woman full of energy. She emits vitality through all the pores of her skin. Cheerful, optimistic and very funny, good vibes are assured when being in her company.

Favourite color

The truth is that I do not have a color for which I have a special preference, but it is true that I have noticed that when entering a store I go straight to black or green. I think they are the two colors that make me feel better; surely that’s why I choose them.

Your music and song

I like music in general, so choosing a single song is difficult for me. But if I have to name one, I’ll stick with Across the Universe from The Beatles or the same song covered by Rufus Wainwright (my favorite).

I listen from classical music, opera, to pop and heavy metal. I am open to all kinds of musical styles (with some clear exceptions).

What do you do when you wake up

The first thing I do when I wake up is to take a shower. The truth is that I am very sleepy and I have a hard time getting up, so if I do not go and have a shower quickly I won’t be able to move fast. When I’m done I get ready and prepare breakfast, which varies according to the day. From toast to cereals and yogurt etc. anything but industrial bakery produce. What never fails is a large cup of coffee of course.

What do you do before going to sleep

What I love to do before going to sleep is to watch series. It is the moment in which I begin to lower the mental activity, I am relaxing and, therefore, I need activities that make me disconnect. My friends tell me that I am very geeky, because I watch all the series. I am currently watching David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, which I saw at the time and did not understand at all. It´s great because now I see it from a different angle.

What do you do to relax

I have started practicing yoga. I recommend it to everyone, because the truth is that it feels great. The other thing I do to relax is to enjoy my free time, wandering through Madrid go to the theater, concerts, exhibitions … and, most importantly, going to the countryside. For me it is very important one day a week to take a trip to the countryside and to be in contact with nature.

 What is your passion

As I mentioned in the previous question, I am passionate about nature and be in contact with it, either in winter when there is snow, in autumn to go pick mushrooms or in summer on the beach and by the sea. I both enjoy the sea and the mountains. I often go accompanied but try to find my moments of disconnection to be by myself.  I just truly enjoy it very much. Oh and yes, I always carry the camera with me!

What does looking after yourself mean to you

I think it is important to take care of your mind and body. Exercise and eat in a balanced way – avoiding prepared meals, eating lots of fresh fruit and seasonal foods – and read, which I enjoy a lot. Every day I try to read half an hour and listen to music, since, it keeps me in shape and helps to relax and disconnect. Maybe you are not aware of the benefits instantly, but in the long run you end up noticing them.

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