Aging skin

This plant promises to reverse the aging process of the skin

You might have heard of a plant with these amazing properties called Centella asiatica, commonly known as Centella Asiatic pennywort or Gotu kola. With its origins from Asia, it has increasingly become more popular and well known for scar treatment or regenerating damaged skin. It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine and for centuries it has been used for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, healing and adaptogenic properties, among others. The revolution begins when we talk about centella reversa, which is the concentrated secretome of totipotent cells of Centella asiatica petioles, or easier said, a concentrate of centella asiatica stem cells, which means that the effects and benefits are multiplied to the max. Centella reversa is specifically designed to reverse the aging process of the skin.

Aging skin

What to say that has not already been said about skin aging? This is something that worries a large part of the population and starts at microscopic level in the skin cells, slowly affecting the biomechanical properties of the skin, or elasticity and firmness.

Finally, this leads to the so called, macroscopic consequences (wrinkles, flaccidity, pigment spots and dull skin).

What causes aging?

We could leave you with a long list of causes, ranging from emotional, to the purely physical, but broadly speaking, there are four processes that cause aging:

  • Intrinsic aging, which is the natural aging process
  • Photo-aging
  • Lifestyle
  • Environment

The senescence or process of natural aging affects various processes, such as cell regeneration, cell proliferation, cell detoxification, DNA protection and cell morphology. Senescence is also related to other processes, such as regenerative capacity.

The first signs of aging

Among the most affected parameters during the start of the aging process are what we call the biomechanical properties, which have to do with elasticity, firmness, extensibility and the response to compression. There is a clear relationship between age, elasticity and wrinkles.

Centella reversa

Centella reversa is an ingredient with many benefits for aging skin and has multiple actions. Experts call it an overall re-youth effect, since it has the ability to reverse natural cellular aging, has a high healing and regenerative capacity, exerts cellular protection in general, protects and repairs DNA and has the so-called growth factor-like effect.  Its benefits translate into a general improvement of the skin, reduction of wrinkles, improvement of elasticity and firmness and they say it makes you look about four years younger.

This wonderful ingredient has many product applications from creams, serums to scar creams, among others.

In Vitae we also have a formulated product based on reverse centella extract, we talk about OlioVita Balm, a lip balm which regenerates and enhances the beauty of your lips thanks to its unique formulation based on reverse centella extract, sea buckthorn extract, aloe vera extract and hyaluronic acid.

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  1. It’s true since I started using goti kola I feel Young and strong and it has kept me from may life threatening diseases.

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