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Professional opinion about Vitanadh Express by: Theodoor Scheepers

Theodoor Scheepers,CEO Pro Health Medical, Holland

“In our medical treatment centre we are specialized in the chronic fatigue syndrome, food intolerance / intestinal problems and Lyme’s disease. The last 11years we have been working on the diagnostic part of this disease. One of the most heard complaints is the complete lack of energy. Before we start antibiotic or integrative treatments, we work at the detoxification pathways and the energy pathways.When there is no energy (NADH) in the cells you can’t expect a proper detoxification. In our protocols we use Vitanadh Express for a quick raise in NADH in the cells. To bring a molecule over a membrane you need ATP and this is enhanced by the NADH. And as everybody knows, ATP is a central molecule in energy metabolism. It is not a cure for Lyme’s disease but it is helpful for those patients whose energy levels are often extremely low. And for me personally, after a busy week in the centre, I use it when I have to give a concert with the choir. Gives me just that more focus I need”. Theodoor Scheepers, CEO Pro Health Medical

Vitanadh Express, get supercharged

Food supplement based NADH (Co-E1) helps to provide energy. Vitanadh® Express is a food supplement based on NADH (coenzyme I) which helps provide energy quickly for the body because it promotes cellular energy production and neurotransmitters. It is recommended for high-level sports competitions and amateurs. Also recommended for use in the following situations: exams, work peaks, meetings, conferences and public presentations. It does not produce over exciting effect, nor does it cause dependency or habituation. The benefits of NADH Vitanadh®Express, absorbed sublingually, resulting to immediate bioavailability. Its efficacy provides more muscle strength and endurance which helps to improve physical performance and also reduces recovery time.

NADH nicotinamide or its extension adenine dinucleotide, although sounding very strange, it is present in each of our cells, also called coenzyme 1 extension, here Co-E1. Coenzymes are involved in all the functions that are performed by the body.

NADH present in the food supplement Vitanadh® comes from a natural source such as brewer’s yeast. The formula facilitates rapid sublingual absorption.

If you want to complete your treatment, you can take ReConnect, a unique and innovative formula for energy, both mental and physical.

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