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Professional opinion about Comfort Cream by Tim Everett

Tim Everett D.O. Osteopath – The Bad Back Company UK:  ”As a practicing Osteopath an important part of my treatment is the soft tissue massage work to the muscles and soft tissues that are at the root cause of the problem. Whether that’s the spinal muscles in a deep spasm or the soft tissues surrounding an inflamed arthritic joint I like to use a cream that is working with me to help reduce pain, inflammation and be of benefit to the underlying joint and tissues. Comfort cream is non greasy and contains no drugs so for me it is very easy to work with and for my patients who wish to do some self-treatment of their arthritic joint it is also a safe drug free cream they can use in the comfort of their own home.”

Comfort Cream is a natural formula with rapid absorption, non greasy texture, pleasant aroma and comfortable application. Contains bambosil, a bamboo component, stimulant of collagen synthesis in bone and connective tissue. Without parabens nor allergens. It can be used as a massage cream for daily use to provide pain relief. Promotes muscle recovery and relaxation.

  • Bamboo a herbaceous plant rich in silica, potassium and fiber which promotes the remineralization process. Silica is important for the growth and development of bone and connective tissue. (Kim MH et al. 2014).
  • Harpagofito contains moderating properties of the muscular pain. (Göbel H et al. 2001). It reduces notably the sensation of pain. It contains analgesic effects thanks to the aptitude to disable the production of IL1-beta or TNF-alpha, inflammatory cytokines. (Fiebich BL et al. 2012).
  • Rosemary contains carnosol, one of the majority components of the plant, with anti-inflammatory properties related to the inhibition of the nitric oxide and the inhibition of inflammatory cytokines. Externally applied, it helps the muscular recovery and to relieve the pain. (Emami F et al. 2013).
  • Glutamine is an amino acid present in a majority form in our organism. After exercise acid levels have decreased significantly, so that an input of glutamine favors the correct recovery of the muscle. It helps to neutralize the effect of acid in the muscle (dos Santos RV. 2009).
  • Allantoin: it helps to improve the absorption, acts healing, stimulating and regenerating.

You can check this formula and others for muscle, bones and cartilages in our Joints and Bones Category

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