Improve your performance

Improve your performance! Professional opinion about Reconnect by Danny Johnson

Danny Johnson: “I own a busy Personal training and Rehabilitation business in Mayfair, London. Most of my clients are CEO’s from big companies and high profile finance people working very long hours and constantly travelling overseas for business, fitting training sessions with me between their busy schedules. Most of them are fatigued or jet lagged. Since they are taking ReConnect, they started to feel more energy throughout the day without the need of having coffees to keep themselves going and making their days more productive and improve your performance.”

ReConnect, more focused, better performance


Food supplement based on NADH (Co-E1), Coenzyme Q10, Serine and Vitamin C.

Reconnect® is a formula created for today’s people with an active lifestyle i.e. students in exam periods or who work and study simultaneously, professionals with hectic schedules, traveling executives, parents who work combining work with family life and athletes. This formula is created for people who need to have maximum energy both physically and mentally available, with the satisfaction to reach the end of a productive day without feeling exhausted.

Reconnect® thanks to its composition provides you with the energy you need, helps you manage times of stress more efficiently and facilitates being able to cope with overwhelming situations. Also, its improve yur performance day by day:

  • Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone): helps with the production of energy from food and is involved in antioxidant reactions.
  • NADH (Coenzyme E1): helps optimize the operation of the main body enzymes, mediates energy metabolism in neurotransmitter synthesis and activation of antioxidant enzymes, besides having an antioxidant effect by itself.
  • Serine: involved in the synthesis of serotonin (a substance that helps control the mood of a person). It has a cerebral protective effect because it forms part of the structure covering nerve cells.
  • Vitamin C: contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and is involved in the reduction of tiredness, contributing to the normal energy metabolism.
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