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Official inauguration new headquarters VITAE

We are very happy to talk about the official inauguration of new headquarters Vitae. The event consisted of a welcome cocktail, where all the guests had a chance to absorb the amazing atmosphere exchanging talks and smiles, a speech by the CEO of the company, Raimon Cortada, and the Mayor of Montmeló, Mr. Antoni Guil, followed by a surprise show, delicious food and, last but not least a guided tour around the building to end an evening full of magic and complicity.

The show that Vitae organized for all attendees of the event, was by the well renowned artist Pep Bou and his spectacular performance with bubbles. A very special moment with a touch of charm wich summed up perfectly the slogan of the inauguration

Vitae is a laboratory of natural food supplements that was born in Barcelona in 1995 with the idea of ​​its founder to find ingredients present in nature that enhance the proper functioning and homeostasis (balance) of the body. This laboratory of food supplements and natural products has the philosophy of achieving the physical and mental well-being of people. The basis of its work begins with the utmost respect for nature while offering effective and top-quality products that help to self-regulate, strengthen and reinforce the body’s balance in the most natural and physiological way possible.

Vitae has a strong commitment to the planet and, in accordance with its values, is committed to health, transparency and sustainability, trying to generate a positive impact. For this reason, they work on the design of healthy and environmentally friendly products and try to transfer these principles to all actions, from the smallest and most imperceptible to the largest and most notorious. The local and proximity production of its products, the use of sustainable packaging, the Clean Label on many of the products… are a clear example of this commitment.

Never stop dreaming!

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