Vitae seminar in Manchester

On Thursday, February 22, Vitae held its first international seminar in collaboration with the ANP (Association of Natural Practitioners) at the Pendulum Conference Center in Manchester. The Keynote speaker of the seminar  was nutritional therapist, Rochelle Logan-Rodgers Bsc (Hons) and the content discussed revolved around the concept “Nutrition for energy” from a 360º vision.

We also carried out a comprehensive explanation of some of our products, designed to generate more energy and vitality (Vitanadh, Vitamin C and Reconnect), as well as two case studies and a round of Q&A

More specifically, the seminar examined the following topics:

. How cells generate energy

. Essential nutrients to generate energy (including Coenzyme Q10, NADH, Vitamin B and Lipoic Acid)

. Nutritional interventions that change the efficiency of mitochondrial metabolism and the composition of the membrane

. Nutritional supplements of Vitae as additional support

Last but not least emphasizing that we were happy to see 25 dedicated  professionals from the health sector attending and are looking forward to continue offering knowledge from the best specialists.

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