AFMCP congress

Vitae at AFMCP congress in London

On the 4th – 8th of October 2018 Vitae had the great pleasure to exhibit at the AFMCP congress in London Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice® is a well-orchestrated, comprehensive, patient-centered educational program that helps you deepen your clinical understanding and practical application of the Functional Medicine Matrix Model.

An epidemic of chronic disease threatens to compromise the health of our population and the effectiveness and economics of our healthcare system. Alarming projections suggest that future generations may have shorter, less healthy lives if current trends continue unchecked. Because of its focus on acute care, the current medical model fails to confront both the causes of and solutions for the chronic disease epidemic, and must be replaced with a model of comprehensive care and prevention that is systems-based, integrative, patient-centered, and much more effective. AFMCP™-UK has been designed to meet that challenge.

Functional Medicine asks how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. In the congress we could discuss about diferent topics:

  • Established and emerging diagnostics, therapeutics, and prevention strategies.
  • How to design nutritional and lifestyle interventions to improve patient compliance and outcomes.
  • How to integrate appropriate assessment tools to diagnose, treat, and assess patient outcomes from a Functional Medicine approach.
  • How to utilize innovative and practical assessment tools.
  • Methods to establish a mutually empowering partnership between clinician and patient.
  • The scientific basis for Functional Medicine principles and fundamental clinical imbalances.
  • How to apply key elements of the Functional Medicine Model in clinical practice.

Vitae wants to thank AFMCP congress for the organization and hope to assist next year.

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