VITAE team

Season’s greetings from the VITAE team

Season’s greetings from the VITAE team:

May the spirit of Christmas bring you Peace

The goodness of Christmas give you Hope

And the warmth of Christmas grand you Love

Christmas is that time of year which allows us to be children again, dream and love while enjoying family gatherings, friends, the warmth of a fireplace, grandmothers broth and the gifts …

That’s why Vitae team wishe you a great holiday and above all, to enjoy the magic of Christmas!

Vitae is a laboratory of food supplements and natural products. Created in 1995, based on the philosophy of the founder, Raimon Cortada, to learn and incorporate the best of what nature has to offers us. Achieving a state of optimal health and wellbeing promoting a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. All this thanks to the wonderful resources that nature offers us and that we have so much to learn from. Thanks to the will, vitality and curiosity of Raimon Cortada, Vitae has become something more than a company. We feel that we are a family and you are part of it. Our passion is to help maintain and improve the quality of life of each of you, to appreciate and enjoy the little things that make our day to day living.

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