COMPETITION #freeyourself (until February 27th)

Musculoskeletal pain can cause a feeling of oppression of our spirit, since it hinders our movements and therefore can´t do what we want with total freedom.

Especially In the cold months it is common for this discomfort to intensify, so we have organized this lucky draw to win a pack containing all the products of our Musculoskeletal line:

FlexiVita, FlexiVita Pro, Base Vitae and Comfort Cream.

That’s why we would love you to share a photo which represents a 100% the sensation of physical and spiritual freedom for you.

Freeing yourself has a reward #freeyourself

How to participate

1) Follow Vitae International

2) Upload a photo which for you represents the feeling of freedom

3) Mention @vitaeint and use hashtag #freeyourself

*Important: make sure your photo is public, if not we won´t be able to see it.

You have until February 27th!


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