12th International Congress of Integrative Medicine (SESMI)

On September 13th, the 12th edition of The International Congress of Integrative Medicine (SESMI) started in Barcelona. This event lasted 3 days and a total of 400 guests attended, 200 of them were of international origin. Dr. Isabel Giralt was the official organizer as president of the SESMI. The program consisted of a long list of renowned health professionals.

Currently, the presence of integrative medicine is increasing throughout the world, there are more and more health professionals and patients who opt for a more 360 ​​degree vision to enjoy our precious well-being and health. The congress intended to address the main areas of interest in the field of integrative medicine.

With a very complete program, workshops, presentations, panel discussions, awards, among other things, were held.

Vitae Health Innovation attended as a collaborator with a stand where different products of the brand were exhibited. In addition, we had the honor of attending to the different activities that took place.

12th International Congress of Integrative Medicine

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