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Everything you have not been told about oral photo protection

IN this post, we are going to talk about the benefits of oral photo protection. Let’s start by explaining clearly and and straight forward: If we want to protect the outermost layer of skin, our best ally will be sun cream which we are all familiar with. Over the years the sun creams have evolved and now we can find them for all types and conditions, but since this is not the issue that concerns us, we will only emphasize that it is best to use one containing SPF + 50 as it will allow us to have a longer exposure between each application. At this point you should know that the number of sun factor has nothing to do with protection, but represents the time that we can be in the sun without suffering any damage.

So, if the topical protector already protects me, why should I supplement it with an oral photo protector?

The answer is very simple, because our skin has many layers, and the solar rays affect each and every one of them, from the outermost to the innermost skin layer. Going to the beach and even the moments we are enjoying a drink with our friends on a terrace, we are not aware but in the long run; if we do not protect ourselves adequately, appear the so-called solar damages, like signs of dryness of skin, wrinkles, blemishes etc.

In addition, when we apply sunscreen we may not do it evenly and some areas are more unprotected, so an oral supplement, will help us to nourish and moisturize the skin from the within. This way we can do without the after sun, we will be protected in an overall way and we will enjoy a more uniform tan.


None, we just have to be careful with those who are rich in beta-carotene, because if we have spots on the face they could pigment them more. Oral photo protection is the best complement for topical photo protection, so you can feel at ease under the sun!

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