Joana Cortada

Who is behind Vitae? Joana Cortada

Joana Cortada, one  of our girls from the international department. I will only say one thing, energy, energy and energy, a true whirlwind of woman! Pure positivity and vitality, her laughter is contagious and gives off good vibrations through all the pores of her skin. Honest, clear and direct, never judgmental and tries to understand who or what she has in front of her.

Favoutite color

I do not have a favorite color, I guess it depends on whether we are talking about clothes, decoration, shoes, sheets etc. A curiosity! The sheets and pajamas always have to be light in color, ALWAYS (say yes, sexy Joana), in everything else I do not have chromatic preferences.

Your favourite music and song

Music? Good question. When I have to concentrate, I love doing it with classical music, although, I must confess that I am also the happiest woman in the world dancing to reaggeton as if there were no tomorrow and singing songs by Rosana at the top of my lungs. I must admit that I do not have a specific musical style and I like it that way. You know what they say, in the variety is the taste.

What do you do when you wake up

I always shower before going to bed, so in the morning I do not need to have a great ritual. The truth is that it takes me very little to get out of bed. I go to the bathroom, I wash my face, my teeth, I get dressed, I take my four necessary things and I leave the house. We could say that in the morning I am the antithesis of healthy life, no breakfast, I do not take it easy and I do not dedicate a few minutes to focus my day, a disaster. Those who know me know that I am quite (hyper) active and this is how I start the day, oops!

What do you do before going to sleep 

Shower, shower and shower. I cannot get into bed if I have not showered, whether it’s ten o’clock at night or five o’clock in the morning (with the odd exception eh). Once I am in bed, I like to read quietly in silence, so I disconnect and relax. I must admit that a little bit of mobile phone time also takes place, review what’s new on Instagram, answer messages etc. Once again, the antithesis of what is supposed to be healthy … but it is the pure truth!

What do you do to relax

In my case it´s very clear: sport is what relaxes me the most. I also like to be with my friends, to go to the movies or read, but I really relax (even if it seems a little contradictory) through doing sport. It is my best remedy to stop my mind, to disconnect and free myself from any worry.

What is your passion

I have two great passions: traveling and nature. I love traveling, and in fact I do it when I work and in my spare time. For me it represents discovering and getting to know new things, leaving my comfort zone, learning … I’m passionate!

I know it may sound a bit presumptuous, but I love my job, because literally or in my day to day in the office I spend the day ” traveling ” and being in contact with people from other countries, with different customs and vision of life.

My second passion is nature. I love doing things outdoors, hiking, skiing, during the summer mountain crossings etc. I prefer the mountains to the sea. The mountains I like all year round, every season has its charms, but I cannot find this type of silence anywhere else.

What does looking after yourself mean to you 

I believe that the concept of taking care of oneself is something very particular and that each person does in their own way. In my case it has to do with feeling good about myself.

To take care of myself is to dedicate to oneself, pamper yourself. For example, I do it by doing sports, eating well and doing things that make me feel at peace with myself, such as taking care of my family and friends.

I am a faithful defender of taking care of oneself in order to be able to take care of others. I think that first you have to feel good within yourself to be able to make people around you feel good, otherwise there will be a point where the balance will become unbalanced and someone might be harmed.

So, as a summary, for me to take care of myself means dedicating myself to me so that I can dedicate myself to others. Disconnect, laugh, dance, chat … all these things are what make me feel happy!

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