Aleix favourite product

My favourite Vitae product?

Mmmmm the answer is pretty easy, definitely ReConnect!

Why is that?

It is one of the most complex products of Vitae and has very interesting synergies. I am a very active person and I like to do many things, the problem is that the day has 24h instead of 48h. So, unintentionally, I often become mentally stale. Reconnect is formulated to enhance people’s cognitive ability and neural connections, speaking in clear language, helps you feel more fluid mentally and combat mental fatigue. The feeling it gives you is very special, and we could describe it as “mental clarity.”

I take it on days which I predict will be complex and in which I want to be focused until the evening. It helps prevent mental fatigue and also notice the lighter body at the end of the day. If you are looking for a physical revitalizer, I would recommend taking other types of supplements, yes, if the physical fatigue is due to the seizures and fatigue due to the stress we suffer daily, do not hesitate, Reconnect is also your supplement.

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