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Who is behind Vitae? Marta Arenas

Marta Arenas, our R & D girl and one of the PhD´s of Vitae. Strong, confident and with an exquisite sense of humor. She gives off good vibes and radiates optimism,  the type of person you want to have around.

Favourite color

Blue, and although I will always respond the same to this question, it is also true that a few years ago I have been gaining more sympathy for green. I suppose they both remind me of nature, and all their ranges are beautiful. The best combination of both I have seen in New Zealand or in Menorca during the winter, with sea and skies painted in all ranges of blue and a very intense green as contrast.

Your favourite music and song

My favourite songs are “Your song”  by Elton John and “Drops of Jupiter” by Train. Although lately I also really like Rachel Plattern’s “Fight song”, especially because of the message it conveys.

I also like relaxed and calm music, like Elton John, James Blunt or Passenger, but in general I am a fan of all music styles: reggeaton, classical etc. and I have a favourite in each category.

What do you do when you wake up

Wash my face with cold water, have breakfast and leave the house. I usually prepare things at night, so I do not have to arrange much in the morning, but just having breakfast, since I like to do it calmly. I wake up with a lot of energy, so no coffee, I continue and I will remain faithful to my Nesquik ritual for breakfast.

What do you do before going to sleep

Shower and then stretch in bed. It is a moment for me, to be calm; I answer accumulated messages in the mobile, read the news or watch series / documentary. Although I never last long and fall asleep right away. Lately I’m hooked on a logic game and ended up going to sleep a tad late.

What do you do to relax

Sport or…  basically sports. I like it as I disconnect completely, I release all my energy, I feel good and I sleep much better. Once I’ve been injured and suffered a lot because I cannot do sports, I feel more nervous and sad.

I love team sports because it generates a very familiar atmosphere, but also from time to time I want to disconnect completely and go running with music that motivates.

What is your passion

Sport and nature. When I am in contact with nature I feel relaxed and I connect better with my emotions. It helps me to reflect on what I want, how I am, and also to feel alive. I love adventure sports, although I must admit that I am quite a ”scaredy-cat”, but is allows me to improve myself.

Achieving a challenge, overcoming your fears, is a unique and very rewarding feeling. You feel invincible.

What does looking after yourself mean to you

To take care of myself is to do everything that makes me feel good: meet friends, go on trips, travel, go to the movies, paint or do craftwork …  and although I try to have healthy habits, drink a cool beer or order a dessert (or two) is also taking care of myself.

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