laura gasulla

Behind the scenes. Laura Gasulla

Laura Gasulla, pharmacist and Vitae sales representative. Pure energy and strong personality. It is like a sweeping whirlwind. Sassy and shy at the same time, everything about her is a nice contradiction.

Favourite color

My favourite colour is blue, it reminds me of the sea and it makes me feel fresh and peaceful.

Your music and song

I have always loved music, I don’t know how to live without it. I can’t think of waking up or driving without music. I like different styles! For singing sessions I would go for commercial Spanish music. When I need to relax I always play sad music, I just love it, it calms me down. Learn to play the piano or the guitar is a big pending in my to-do list. I would not be able to choose just one song, it depends a lot on the moment. I can perfectly listen to both Julio Iglesias and a Beatles song, Ave Maria from Il divo, Catalan music or Shakira.

What do you do when you wake up

Well, being very honest, mornings are hard to me! Waking up and getting out of the bed is a big effort! I am one of those who delay the alarm 3-4 times minimum before waking up. I get up, I take a shower and I always have my breakfast. I can’t leave home without a good breakfast. I love to have my time…in fact I need at least 1.30h before leaving home.

What do you do before going to sleep

I am one of those who has dinner on the sofa and couple of snacks before falling asleep. I usually watch TV before going to sleep and I always fall asleep on the sofa, I fall exhausted. I usually get up by myself around midnight and go like a zombie directly to bed. I just love falling asleep on the sofa with the television in the background.

What do you do to relax

Well, it depends, but a good option would be to go for an easy trekking to breathe fresh air and get lost in the nature. I like how I feel when I am surrounded by nature. I also stretch by breathing consciously.

What passionates you

I am passionate about nature, but above all sea is my biggest passion. It relaxes me more than anything, it transmits immensity, calm, joy and brings me a lot of happiness. There is nothing better than sailing and feeling the air and salty water together with the sun. Pure freedom feeling. For me, one of the best feeling is to lie down, sunbathing in the middle of the sea and take a good bath. Best feeling ever. Indescribable. I also love beautiful mountain landscapes and beautiful houses, especially in the middle of nature.

What is for you to take care of yourself

Be happy. Do what make me happy and always combine it with some outdoor sports. I have to improve my food habits and routine. I love junk food and I know that this is an urgent change I need to start!! I have to say that I also love fruit, vegetables, good fish and meat but I still have a long way to improve my diet. Will get there soon!

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