Vitae Health Innovation: considered one of the 3,000 innovative SMEs in Spain

According to data provided by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain has 3,118 companies with the “Innovative SME” seal.

This seal is a recognition that is granted to small and medium-sized companies with an innovative character. The Ministry of Science and Innovation grants this distinction in order to reward those SMEs with great activity in R+D+i .

Since 2015 Vitae has had the innovative SME seal, recognition obtained thanks to our efforts in R+D+i . We take our work very seriously, which is why our products are distinguished by an exclusive combination of ingredients that guarantee optimal absorption and effectively fulfill a specific function within the body. We choose our ingredients meticulously to ensure maximum quality and effectiveness. In the process of creating the formulas, we try to have the most prepared professionals and the most cutting-edge technology . This is how all our products are born.

To achieve this, it is considered essential to invest resources in research, which is why Vitae has people dedicated exclusively to this end. Scientific studies of the products are carried out, we collaborate with important universities and hospitals, and we participate in congresses to seek to offer the best to our customers. All this is carried out with a high-level human team.

We are very proud to have such an important recognition, which guarantees the quality of our products and their commitment to innovation and development.

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