Why do we obsess ?

Why do we obsess about certain things? And how to avoid it

It has happened to all of us. Suddenly we realize that we have been immersed in a thought for days, weeks and even months (and we were not even aware). It goes without saying that entering into this type of state of mind is negative for ourselves, as we stop focusing on what we really want and, furthermore, it is not productive. Why do we obsess about certain things? And how to avoid it

Why does this happen?

The psychological clinic Inpside is very clear about it, “it’s basically because we stop dedicating time and attention to ourselves.” We have to keep in mind that we should never cease to be the center of our own lives, as soon as we lose sight of this we “slip” and de-center.

If we are pending too much on another person we are devaluing ourselves, beginning to live by what the other does and not about what you do. We are creating a dependency and therefore, in an indirect way we are losing self-respect.

In addition, all this makes the other person have little consideration, since they do not have to invest in you to give them your full attention, which in turn will create that they will dedicate less time to you.

Where lays the problem?

Well we are not getting benefits; therefore we start to get into a loss (emotionally speaking) which means that that relationship will never work and creating resentment, affecting our health, our way of seeing life, our future, and so on.

How can we avoid it?

Simple, dedicate time and attention to you. We know that that is easy to say and more difficult to do, but we have to be aware of it and we must repeat it. We talked to the psychological clinic Inpside, and were told us that the most important thing is that we listen to ourselves, that we know what we like, what makes us happy and, above all, that we learn to appreciate to spend time by ourselves.

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