New OlioVita ®Sun: protection starts from within

On March the 7th, VITAE launched a revolutionary new product for the food supplements sector and products within the solar category: OlioVita® Sun capsules arrived in pharmacies throughout Spain and will be exported to other European countries.

This new product is focused on nourishing, moisturizing and maintaining the skin carefully under the sun’s rays. Sun exposure can have great benefits for our mental and physical health but provided it is done in a controlled and balanced way.

Taking care of yourself begins from within, so it is necessary that we pay attention to all the layers of the skin, not just the outer ones.

OlioVita® Sun is a food supplement formulated with grapefruits and rosemary extract (antioxidant effect), sea buckthorn oil (rich in omega 7) and Vitamin D, which has a vasodilatory effect and can help to benefit our skin in controlled doses.

It is important to emphasize that when we expose ourselves to the sun we combine this product with sunscreen, since we must not forget the outer layers of the skin.

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