Oriol Hervas

Behind the scenes. Oriol Hervas

Oriol Hervas, our commercial coordinator for the northern part of Spain. Confident in himself, direct and persistent. He gets everything he wants. He loves his job. With an overwhelming presence, his impish smile gives him away.

Favourite color

Navy blue. Generally, I prefer dark colors except when doing sports, then I prefer flashy colors.

Your music and song

Depending on the day and mood I choose one music or another. I like to listen classical or acoustic music when I am doing reflective and / or office tasks. When I am traveling I look for motivational songs to be at 200% and charge myself with energy. When I am with the family I delegate to my wife, some commercial music for the little ones in the family. I know you want me to tell you kind of music I listen when I play sports, but the truth is that I do not like listening music when doing sports.

What do you do when you wake up

A large glass of water and my daily dose of Vibracell !!! I also have my 30 minutes of meditation / prayer and then I start to organize the kids. I prepare their breakfast, help them to get dressed and prepare them a sandwich for school. Then, I have breakfast while I prepare my day and and last-minute details.

What do you do before going to sleep

The truth is that I do nothing. I just have dinner and I go straight to bed. I try to not watch TV or check the phone. I have to say that I don’t have much time but if I did, I would be with my children sharing their day and experiences. Being honest, I have to admit that I check the email before going to sleep and if I still have some energy, I enjoy a good book!

What do you do to relax

Sports. Sports help me to disconnect and relax. It is a moment where I put everything aside and I have a moment for myself. It helps me a lot to unload tensions and clear my mind. After doing sports I feel stronger.

What are you passionate about

My family without any doubt. They are a key piece in my life and happiness. My second passion is shared between nature and sport. I love going out on the mountain with my bike, hiking in the Pyrenees, having a picnic at 2000 meters etc.

What is for you to take care of yourself

Listen to the body, take care of it, accompany it, educate it. In today’s society is very important to go ‘’ to the fullest’’ but it is also fundamental to know how to manage and focus your energy. Of course, a healthy and balanced diet and the right food supplements are key. For me, it is also very important to stop and look back to see what we have done and what we can improve. That’s the way to learn about from our experiences and move forward.

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